Innovative Insulated box
Multifunctional packaging material solve many issues.
Reduce charges
The new type of thermal insulation carton can be folded, stacked and transported just like ordinary carton. The same space, 50% -70% more than the foam box during transport.
Promote values
Support customized high-definition printing, clear and bright, meet all kinds of needs, highlight the brand.
Eco- friendly & insulation
Food grade materials, non-toxic, no odor, recycling. Have heat preservation effect. If use ice bag and liners together, effect is better.
More solid
Strong PS foam or cardboard laminate MPET and PE foam. It become more elastic, better cushioning. Support huge pressure.
Why fresh cold chain choose new heat preservation carton?
Conventional insulation foam boxes bring those problems.
Storage and transportation
The traditional foam box can't be folded and wall is thicker, so take much space. Transportation cost is expensive.
Brand Promotion
Easy to scratch, damage, inconvenient to print any logo and content to promote brand and products.
Fragile and cleaning
low impact resistance, easy to damage. suspended solid are difficult to clean up.
Waste disposal
Improper treatment box and foam particles after crushing pollute the environment and difficult to decompose.