Liner- 12 hours

Premium insulated pouch could provide better insulation performance for frozen meats, seafood and pharmaceuticals etc. Working time about
12 hours or longer if use ice bag together.

* Custom sizes * Weight of material 150g.sqm * Thick 6 mm * Stores and ship flat * Double reflective layer
with air bubble
Alu foil/bubble/bubble/ Alu foil
3D Liner - 24 hours

High quality insulated box liner is made of eco-friendly material that don't contain hazardours engredients. Outside refective layer of
aluminum foil refect heat radiation and come with air tightness, so ensure that internal cold air don't diffuse out. Inner foam layer of
1 inches have low thermal conductivity, thereby shield temperature conduction. It have good advantage for long time delivery.

* Custom sizes and thickess * Thick 20mm/ 1 inches or more * Working time over 24 hours with ice bag * Best comparative advantage * Resist extermal impact

3D Liner -24 + hours

Thermal insulated liner provide effective temperature control for refrigerated, frozen, and room temperature products for transit durations of
over 48 hours. The pattern is designed for costly products which is transported for a long time.
* Custom sizes and thickess * Thick 30mm/ 1.5 inches or more * Effective thermal protection * Resist extermal impact * Space saving design